Top 10 Best Tool Backpacks In 2019 – Buying Guide And Reviews

Whether you are a DIYer, handyman, craftsperson or in any other profession that requires you to use and carry many tools around, you need to invest in the best tool backpack as it will make life easier for you.

A tool backpack is designed to make it easy to organize and transport your tools, and it will eliminate the need to carry heavy tool boxes with more tools than you need for a particular job. And unlike a traditional backpack, the special ones for carrying tools are also weatherproof, and they are also designed to ensure that your tools do not keep knocking against each other.

There are many other pros of having a tool backpack and we will highlight them in more detail in the section below. However, to get these benefits, you will need to pick a good tool backpack from the numerous options in the market. But, we also have you covered with this as our buying guide and top 10 reviews below will provide all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Best Pick
  • CLC Custom Leathertcraft 1134 Carpenter’s Tool Backpack
  • Ideal for Carpenters
  • Size: 13.75″ x 16″ x 8.5″
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Material: Polyester Fabric
  • 44 Pockets
Budget Pick
  • Rugged Tools 28 Pocket Heavy Duty Jobsite Tradesman Tool Backpack
  • Ideal for Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, HVACs and Cable Repairmans
  • Size: 18″ x 12.5″ x 8″
  • Weight: 3.9 Lbs
  • Material: 1680D Polyester
  • 28 Pockets
Best Value
  • DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag
  • Ideal for Contractors, Electricians and Handymen
  • Size: 8.5 x 7.4 x 4.5
  • Weight: 4.6 Lbs
  • Material: Polyester Fabric
  • 57 Pockets

Top 10 Tool Backpack Reviews

#1. CLC Custom Leathertcraft 1134 Carpenter's Tool Backpack, 44 Pockets - Top Pick
CLC Custom Leathertcraft 1134 Carpenter's Tool Backpack


With two main large compartments, Custom Leathercraft makes their CLC 1134 backpack with a carpenter in mind because it can accommodate the larger carpentry tools. Also, both compartments have some high-quality and easy to use zippers, and a superior interior organization system to make the tool easy to organize.

There are a total of 36 pockets inside the backpack that will come in different sizes to ensure that you can carry almost any tool and hardware than you will need for the job. And there are also 8 convenient and easy to access exterior pockets that will be perfect for the tools that you use a lot and would want to access fast.

Carrying this backpack is made easy and comfortable by the adjustable and well-padded shoulder straps and the sufficiently padded back. And if you prefer not to have it on your back, the dual top carry handles will give you a good carrying alternative.


  • Adjustable pocket design
  • Padded straps and back support for comfort
  • Lots of pockets
  • Dual top carrying handles included
  • Includes some convenient exterior pockets
  • Superior interior organization system


  • A little heavier than expected
  • Plastic reinforced bottom can be uncomfortable
#2. Rugged Tools Pro 40 Pocket Heavy Duty Jobsite Tool Bag - The Best Tool Backpack For All Trades
Rugged Tools Pro Tool Backpack - 40 Pocket Heavy Duty Jobsite Tool Bag


Whether you are a carpenter, electrician, framer, plumber or a contractor, this Rugged Tools backpack will work well for you as it is designed to be perfect for all trades. It is a rugged backpack that features a lightweight and durable 1680D polyester material that will provide many years of great service. And to make it even more durable it has semi-hard shell case and a molded hard bottom.

The tool backpack has a well-organized interior with lots of pockets to ensure you never have to leave any important tool behind. Accessing the tools is also made easy by the high-quality zippers that will not take a lot of effort to use. And this is also a super comfortable backpack as it has padded lumbar support and carry strap.

To make it even easier and more convenient to carry, it will come with a comfortable top handle that will also be very handy when lifting it from the car. And because it also has a sternum strap, weight distribution and balancing should be easy.


  • Rugged and highly durable
  • Great for all trades
  • Plenty and well-organized pockets
  • Molded hard bottom provides extra safety
  • Easy lift top handle
  • Comfortable straps and back lumbar support


  • Does not stand well on the ground
  • Poor quality water bottle sleeve
  • Seams are not double stitched
#3. Dewalt DGL523 Tool Backpack- Best Lighted Tool Backpack
DEWALT DGL523 Lighted Tool Backpack Bag


A good tool backpack is one that will do much more than just help you carry tools from one point to the other like the Dewalt DGL523 that also includes a light. The light is highly useful in illuminating dark workspaces, and it will allow users to pick from 3 light levels. Besides the light, this is also a roomy backpack with a total of 57 great size pockets to ensure that you can carry everything you need to the job site.

The backpack also features a well padded back to provide extra comfort and its adjustable straps are also heavily padded to make the backpack easy to carry. And in case you do not like having it on your back, it also has padded web carrying handles to give you an alternative.

The design of the backpack and size of pockets means that you can use it to carry almost any tool that you want, and this is regardless of whether you are a carpenter, electrician or a regular craftsperson. Wear and abrasion are also kept in check by the durable base pad feet, and so you can be confident of using the backpack for many years.


  • Handy light for use in dark spaces
  • Well padded for comfortable carrying
  • Dozens of great size pockets
  • Designed to hold all kinds of tools
  • Durable base pad feet
  • Adjustable straps and padded carrying handle


  • Zippers are not the best quality
  • A little too stiff when new
#4. Dewalt DGC530 USB Charging Tool Backpack - Best Small Tool Backpack
DEWALT DGC530 USB Charging Tool Backpack


A lightweight and easy to carry backpack meant for handymen that are looking for something that can use to carry their basic tools. But, the most impressive element about this Dewalt tool backpack is that it has a USB charging battery dock that will allow you to charge two devices simultaneously which can be very handy when out in the job site.

When it comes to carrying tools, this backpack will come with a total of 20 different size pockets on the inside and vertical tool wall that will make it easy to organize the tools. Also, there are three pockets on the outside that are designed for easy access and they will be perfect for storing the few tools that you use a lot.

Carrying the backpack will also be super comfortable as it has larger and heavily padded back pads, some adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient carry handle that also have more than enough padding. And with base pad feet, you will not need to worry about wear and abrasion for a long time.


  • Lightweight and easier to carry
  • Dual USB charging ability
  • Easy access external pockets
  • Larger back pads for extra comfort
  • Highly useful vertical tool wall


  • Smaller and with fewer pockets
  • USB mounts make clean up a little complicated
#5. Rugged Tools 28-Pocket Tradesman Tool Backpack - Budget Pick
Rugged Tools Tradesman Tool Backpack - 28 Pocket Heavy Duty Jobsite Tool Bag


If you are a tradesman on the hunt for the best tool backpack and are not ready to spend a lot of cash on it, here is a great quality budget one from Rugged Tools. Besides being more affordable than most others out there, it is also a well-built backpack that features a durable 1680D polyester fabric that makes it rugged enough to withstand job site abuse.

It will also work well for any tradesman whether you are an electrician, carpenter or plumber. And its 28 pockets consist of 25 interior pockets for your tools, a couple of exterior ones and one large interior pocket that can hold a small tablet. The backpack features a semi-hard shell also for durability and a molded hard bottom to keep it upright when on the ground while also keeping water out.

For carrying comfort, the manufacturer gives the backpack some adjustable and padded shoulder straps and a padded carry handle. And there is also a padded back lumbar support and sternum strap that will make it easy to balance and distribute the weight.


  • Heavy-duty polyester construction
  • More affordable backpack
  • Designed for use by all tradesmen
  • Molded hard bottom provides extra safety
  • Padded straps and lumbar support
  • Easy weight balancing and distribution


  • Zippers don’t have holes for a lock
  • Outside pocket is quite slim
#6. Klein Tools 39 Pockets Electrician Tool Bag 55421BP-14
Klein Tools Electrician Tool Bag Tradesman Pro Organizer


Klein Tools makes this tool bag specifically for an electrician and everything from the number and size of the pocket to the design is meant to cater to the needs of a typical electrician. It is a highly durable 1680D fabric backpack that features a total of 39 pockets that will provide lots of storage space. And it is also a taller bag to ensure that it can accommodate long tools like screwdrivers.

To make it even better for an electrician, the backpack includes a hard molded pocket at the front to keep safety glasses safe and small zipper pocket also at the front for small tools and parts. And it has a fully molded bottom that will help to protect your tools from the elements and allow the bag to stand upright when on the ground.

With the extra padded straps and carry handle, this should be an easy backpack to carry around, and with the orange interior, it should be super easy for an electrician to spot any tool.


  • Provides tons of tool storage space
  • Hard, molded front pocket for safety glasses included
  • Taller design and interior pockets will accommodate long tools
  • Extra padded straps and handles for easy carrying
  • Bright interior for easy tool visibility


  • Zipper quality is wanting
  • Pockets should be deeper
#7. Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack
Custom LeatherCraft 1132 75-Pocket Tool Backpack


With more pockets than most other tool backpacks out there, this Custom Leathercraft bag is meant for tradesmen that do jobs that require them to carry many tools. There are a total of 75 pockets on the main bag that comes in different sizes and there also 3 clip-on multipurpose bags on the package to provide much-needed extra storage space.

This backpack is made from a durable ballistic polyester fabric that is not only very long lasting but also highly effective in keeping the elements out. And it also includes some comfortable and adjustable straps and padded handles to make it easy to lift and carry. The backpack will also hold longer tools like screwdrivers as it is designed to be tall enough.

Another impressive thing that makes this one of the best backpack tool bags for tradesmen is that it also includes a plastic tray with multiple compartments to make it easier to organize small tools and parts.


  • Plenty of storage pockets
  • Durable ballistic polyester fabric
  • Zippered multipurpose clip-on bags provide extra storage
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Highly useful plastic tray with multiple components


  • Some pockets are somewhat small
  • Not made do expand/stretch out
#8. XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag Organizer With Telescoping Handle
XtremepowerUS Rolling Tool Bag Organizer with Telescoping Handle


With a total of 36 pockets in zippered compartments, this backpack will not only carry a lot of tools but also make them easy to organize. And it is also built to last for many years as it features a thick and sturdy material that also helps to ensure that that the sharper tools do not pierce through and injure you.

The tool backpack is adequately padded around the back section to ensure maximum comfort. And the straps also feature heavy padding and are adjustable to make the backpack easy and comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. There is also a comfortable top handle to make the bag easy to lift and to give you a carrying alternative.
The dual zippers for the main compartments will keep the interior safe and they are also designed to be easier to use. Also, the backpack has a special pocket that you can use to carry a laptop or tablet.


  • Thick and sturdy material
  • Adequately padded back and straps
  • Includes a special pocket for laptop/tablet
  • Dual zipper for safe storage


  • Seams need a better stitching
  • Does not stay upright enough when on the ground
#9. CLC Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear 53 Pocket Lighted Back Pack
CLC Custom Leathercraft L255 Tech Gear 53 Pocket Lighted Back Pack


Another top quality gear backpack by Custom Leathercraft that also features a built-in LED light to provide the much-needed worksite illumination. And the light also allows you to choose from 3 levels of lighting depending on your needs. Apart from the light, the backpack also has an impressive 53 pockets which include 28 interior ones for tools, 14 for accessory bits and 11 multi-purpose ones.

Like with most other Custom Leathercraft backpacks, this one is also designed to be easy and comfortable to carry, and it will feature some sufficiently padded straps and a comfortable carry handle. Also, the backpack will include some straps for your larger tools like cordless drills and drivers or even a battery charger.

With the durable and protective base pad feet, this backpack is also designed to minimize wear and tear for an extended lifespan.


  • Built-in LED will provide handy worksite illumination
  • Lots of multipurpose pockets
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps
  • Carry handle included for more convenience
  • Includes straps for securing the larger tools
  • Durable and protective base pad feet


  • Hard to keep upright when on the ground
  • Stitching on the straps needs improvement
#10. Revco Industries Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmetcatch
Revco Industries Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmetcatch


For the welders that want a backpack that not only carries all their tools but also other essentials like welding helmet, gloves, and jacket, the model GB100 BSX will be a perfect choice. It comes with a quick-action helmet catcher that most users will love and with a decent size main compartment with lots of pockets for easy tool organization.

The comfortable padded back ensures that the pack will be gentle on your back, and it is also designed to ensure that you do not always end up with a sweaty back. Also, the backpack has some adjustable straps with heavy padding which also add to the comfort when carrying the backpack. And there is also a well-built handle for easy lifting.

The reinforced back pockets are tough enough and highly durable and will provide some extra storage space for other things that you might need to carry to the job site


  • Reinforced side pockets for extra durability
  • Comfortable padded back
  • Quick action helmet catcher
  • Adjustable and comfortable straps
  • Easy-to-organize interior


  • Not a waterproof backpack
  • Main compartment should be roomier
  • Stitching on some sections needs improvement

Why You Need A Tool Backpack

A tool backpack is a good investment for anyone that carries a lot of tools. For many technicians, craftsmen, and handymen, having one seems like an obvious requirement. But, why exactly do you need a tool backpack? Here are a few reasons why you should buy one.

best tool backpack

Easy Tool Transportation And Organization

The main reason why you need a tool backpack is that it will make it easy to transport your tools. Carrying many tools by hand can be very tedious and carrying them in a toolbox is also equally tedious but with a backpack, it will be much easy. Also, these tool bags make it easy to organize the tools as they have several compartments to allow for easy access and ensure you do not lose or leave any tool behind.

Frees Both Hands

A tool backpack will also free both your hands which comes with several benefits. With both your hands-free you can carry other things that you need like ladders and also work faster as you will not have to hold any unnecessary tools when working. Having both hands free is also important for safety.

Prevents Tool Knocking

Tool knocking is one of the reasons why your tools will not last long enough because knocking against each other causes chipping, cracking and other damages. Because these tool bags have separate compartments for different kinds of tools, you can be sure that the tools will not come into contact with each other.

Protects Tools

Tool backpacks are made with tough materials to protect your tools. With a good one, you can be confident that your tools are safe from external threats. Also, some of these bags are designed to be lockable to offer even more protection. And they will also keep out elements like wind and water which can damage tools.

Good For Your Back and Spine

The design of a tool backpack is meant to help ensure that you will always maintain a natural spine alignment when carrying your tools. Also, the padding on the backpack also helps to make it more comfortable and gentler on your back and spine. These backpacks are also designed to ensure even weight distribution so that you do not hurt your back.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Tool Backpack

Choosing the best backpack tool bag can be a little overwhelming given the many options in the market. But, if you have the right information in mind and spare some time to compare different models from top brands, you should have an easy time. All in all, here are some of the things to consider when shopping for a tool backpack.

#1. Your Job

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a tool backpack is your job. It is vital to make sure that whatever bag you buy is designed to suit your profession by being the right size and created to accommodate the tools that you use.

There are tool backpacks for different kinds of tradesmen like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, masons and even DIYers in the market. For example, a carpenter’s tool backpacks will have wide compartments to accommodate larger carpentry tools while electrician backpacks are often smaller because they do not carry large tools.

#2. Size

The size of your backpack will determine how useful it will be for you. And there will be much more to the size that just deciding whether to go for a small or big backpack. You also need to check the thickness and width of the backpack.

To make sure that the backpack works well for you, a wise idea is to go for something that is in between large and small and has enough space to carry all your tools. And make sure that it is at least 15 inches long to accommodate your taller tools like screwdrivers.

#3. Material

Tool backpacks need to be tough to not only protect your tools but also minimize the risk of the sharp tools piercing through them and causing body injuries. For the backpack to be tough enough, it needs to be made with some high-quality materials.

The most commonly used material to make tool backpacks are nylon, canvas, leather, and polyester. Each of these materials will have its own merits and demerits which you need to know to decide what works best for you.

With canvas and leather, you get tough materials that are designed to last for ages, but they are also pricier while nylon and polyester make some lightweight and affordable bags but are not very durable.

#4. Durability

Durability will mostly depend on the materials used to make the backpack, and if you are looking for something that will serve you for many years and do not mind spending more cash, a canvas or leather backpack is your best bet. However, there is more to durability than a high-quality material.

For a tool backpack to be durable, it also needs to have high-quality stitching. Double or triple stitching is always a better option to ensure maximum durability. Also, some reinforcing on the stress points for example around the straps will make your backpack more durable.

#5. Organization

The best tool backpack for you is one that makes it easy to organize your tools and hardware. The number and size of compartments and pockets on the backpack will determine how easy it will be to organize.

Backpacks with many compartments will be the easiest to organize as they will accommodate all your tools and allow you to keep them separate. When it comes to the size of the compartments, the backpacks that will have different size compartments that are strategically located in easy to access areas are the best as they make organization easy.

#6. Closures

Closures will affect the safety of the tools and also determine how convenient the tool backpack will be, and so they are an important factor to consider. Zippers are the most commonly used closures but in some cases, they are the weakest element on the tool backpack if the manufacturer does not use high-quality ones.

Sturdy zippers that are easy to open and close will make the best closures. Also, they should be made from lightweight, heat resistant and rustproof materials to make them easy to use and durable enough.

Most of these backpacks will also have other types of closure like Velcro for some of the external compartments for quick tool access. Also, some can have buckle style closures, but these will not be ideal if you work in construction sites or on ladders.

#7. One-Handed Operation

Some professionals like electricians and decorators tend to spend a lot of time working from ladders, and so it is hard for them to have both hands free at any particular time. And so a good tool backpack for them is one that will allow for one-handed operation so that they can still access their tools without having to get off the ladder.

One hand operation means that the closures on the backpack are designed to be easy to operate with one hand. Also, for one-handed operation, the compartment and pockets on the bag should be designed in a way that you can easily take out and return the tools while the backpack is still on your back.

#8. Standing and Wide-Mouth Opening

Does your backpack stand on its own when you lay it on the ground? A backpack with a stable and sturdy bottom is always a better choice as it will remain standing when you put on the ground for easy access. Also, this can minimize the risk of damaging the tools as a result of falling on hard surfaces.

Besides being able to stand on its own when on the ground, a good tool backpack should also have a wide-mouth opening. A backpack with a narrow opening can be very frustrating as it makes it hard to find and retrieve tools from the bottom of the bag. But, with a wide mouth opening, you can put away the tools and take them out with ease.

#9. Comfort

Because a tool backpack is a very important resource, you will probably end up carrying almost every other day and for many hours at a go. Hence, it is important to make sure that you choose one that is comfortable to carry.

Sufficiently padded and large enough shoulder straps are one of the key determinants of comfort. Also, sufficient padding on the back of the backpack that is in contact with your back is also important. And if the backpack is also made with a breathable lining you will have an easier time carrying it around.

#10. Price

Most people will always have a specific budget in mind when shopping for everything including tool backpacks. Hence, before you settle on any backpack you need to make sure that its price is within your preferred budget.

Luckily, these backpacks are available in various price ranges to suit the needs of different users. You can get a good one for as little as under $50 but the high-end and more long lasting ones will cost hundreds of dollars.

For a wiser purchase, you should check the features that you are getting and the overall construction of the backpack and make sure that they match its price tag.


With a good tool backpack, carrying your tools to and from the job site and when working will be super easy. And it can also help to increase efficiency since it makes tools easy to organize for quick access.

There many other benefits that will come with having the best tool backpack such as protecting the tools from the elements and theft and minimizing strain on your spine and back. Choosing one that suits your needs should also be easy now as our buying tips above highlight the vital factors to consider.

You will also not have to waste a lot of time combing the internet to find one because we have already done the work for you and our top 10 tool backpack reviews will provide great recommendations.

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